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 In accordance with Wisconsin State Statutes and The Department of Corrections Administrative Code; the mission of the Oneida County Jail is to safely and securely confine individuals in the least restrictive environment consistent with behavior, adjustment, special needs and severity of charges.

The Oneida County Jail is a 200 bed, state of the art facility that was completed in July, 1999.  The "pod" design allows staff to visually observe the inmate population 24 hours per day.  This design, combined with highly trained and qualified staff, creates an environment that minimizes serious incidents and maximizes the safety and well-being of the inmate population.

In addition to housing our own inmates, the Oneida County Jail houses approximately fifty inmates from the Wisconsin Prison System.  This relationship with the State not only relieves overcrowding in State facilities, but generates additional revenue to help minimize the operational costs of the facility paid through local tax dollars.

Given the size of our facility, our Jail Staff receives many inquiries from the public regarding inmate visitation, telephone use, Huber Law/Work Release rules, etc.  To make much of this information more accessible to the public, we have placed information on this website to answer some of the most common questions.  If you have questions about inmate rules and procedures, please check the links on the right side of this page for answers.  If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at 715-361-5180.


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